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A main trap that every software developer and project owner falls in is trying to add more features. After all, the greater value that you deliver to the users the more satisfied they will be. This is completely wrong. Users have a very short attention and focus span, and once they are overwhelmed with options or features, they lose interest.

It is important to focus on the features that matter the most, present them in a very simple way. Gladly, deciding what features matter the most can be discovered through a simple process and through analytics.

Users always change. You have heard the saying: “Change is the only constant”. Disruptive innovation is an actual reality in today’s world. It is important for project owners to understand that and to stay focused on how to change.

Does that mean change in software solutions has to start from scratch? Many software developers actually do that which causes a hike in development cost. It is important to keep this aspect in mind when building the architecture of the solution. It is important to build efficient software solutions, but it is equally important to build the current solution with an eye on the future.

There is no software project or any project without risk. That is completely true. What is not being said though is: while you cannot eliminate risk, you can definitely limit it. Would it be worth spending tens of thousands of dollars on a solution that might or might not address a problem or the needs of the customers.

When developing software solutions, specially when it’s a new concept, it is important to minimize the risk. There are several approaches to achieve that.

This is one of the biggest challenges in software products and analytics: data and measurement. This is because how can you have efficient analytics if you do not know what are you looking for? What data should you analyze? What is your metric that you will use to decide the efficiency of your solution?

All these are questions that are necessary to answer. If you do not answer them before developing the software solution, then the solution will not be efficient.

What is more important: to have something that works, or to have something that works efficiently? Having something that works is easy. Many can achieve that. But having something that works efficiently is a different story. How can you know you software project is built efficiently? How can you test this efficiency?

Remember, 45% of mobile applications are deleted because of the delay in loading. The users are more selective in today’s world. It is important to provide the best user experience, and make the users happy.


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